Features of SEED 1dayPure moisture Series



Using SEED’s original zwitterionic material SIB (SEED Ionic Bond) with superior biocompatibility, the structure is similar to protein, a basic constituent of the human body.  With its equimolar amounts of positive and negative ions in the material, there is no deviation of charge on the lens surface which means less deposit will be attracted to the lens surface.



A non-ionic surface acting agent attracts moisture and prevents adhesion of deposits.

 Alginic Acid, a natural moisturising agent extracted from seaweed and kelp is used to attract moisture and keeps tears on the lens surface.

The result is that SEED 1dayPure moisture series retains more water to keep your eyes moist and comfortable for extended hours.

Two Extra Lenses (32 per box)


SEED 1dayPure moisture series has 32 lenses in each box.  SEED’s clever packaging ensures it stays compact as conventional packages for 30 lenses.

Clear Inside-Out Distinction


To help patients distinguish between the inside and outside faces, 2 marks can be found on every lens to ensure easy handling and safe usage of SEED 1dayPure moisture series.

Award Winning Convenience


SEED 1dayPure moisture is the proud winner of the 2008 Good Design Award in Japan, in recognition of its ease-of-use and compact design.  Cross-unit case and fingertip closure mechanism makes SEED 1dayPure moisture easy to handle and use.

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