SEED 1dayPure EDOF is a daily disposable soft contact lens for presbyopia which is entirely made in Japan. Working jointly with Brien Holden Vision Institute, a world-renowned research institution, Extended Depth-of-Focus (EDOF) technology is adopted, providing good vision at all distances, while minimising ghosting and haloes.


  • EDOF Lens Design that provides stable visual performance

    Brien Holden Vision Institute※ and SEED have developed and commercialized an algorithm that unlocks the full potential of optical characteristics (lens performance) and visual properties (visual acuity for users). Applying this special algorithm to lens design, we have developed a unique EDOF lens that minimizes variability in visual performance at varying visual distances, the major limitation of conventional bifocal contact lenses. The EDOF lens also provides good perceived image quality under a broad range of conditions.

  • Three Lens Designs for Three Different Depth-of-Focus Ranges

    To meet patient's extensive needs, three lens designs for three different depth-of-focus ranges are provided. Each lens design features extended depth of focus and provides the power distribution needed to minimize perceived image quality deterioration.

  • High Quality Manufacturing in Japan

    SEED’s 1dayPure Series is daily disposable contact lens made entirely in Japan. The entire process of manufacturing, from development of lens material to commercial production, takes place in Japan. To ensure the quality of each individual lens, each lens is carefully produced under strict quality control and inspection system for your safe use.

  • Moisture Retention

    ■Natural Polymer "Alginic Acid"

    Contact lens storage solution is infused with alginic acid which is a natural moisturizing agent extracted from seawood. It attracts moisture in eyes, and keeps tears on the surface of the lenses.


    ■Zwitterionic material "SIB"

    SEED's original material "SIB" (SEED Inoic Bond) which contains both positive and negative ions resulting in electrical stability. This stability ensures high water content while keeping out dust and impurities.

  • Containing UV Absorbers

    Ultraviolet rays (UV) causing skin pigmentation such as spots, are said to be one of the causes of eye diseases such as cataracts.

    SEED 1dayPure EDOF contains UV absorbers that shield your eyes from ultraviolet rays, protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light and keeping your eyes healthy.

    *Contact lenses with UV absorbers do not block 100% of UV light and are not substitutes for UV absorbing eyewear.

  • High Oxygen Permeability

    The high moisture content and ultra-thin 0.07 mm* center design smoothly transmits adequate oxygen to your eyes.*(at -3.00D)

  • Lens marking

    To help users distinguish between the inside and outside faces, 1 marker can be found on every lens to ensure the easy handling and safe uasge of SEED 1dayPure EDOF.

  • 32Lenses in One box

    SEED 1dayPure EDOF has 32 pieces of lenses in one box. Even with extra 2 pieces of lenses, SEED's packaging is just as compact as other boxes containing 30 pieces of lenses.

  • Use-friendly Design : Fingertip Closure Mechanism

    Wearer can open the package easily and close it at the touch of a finger. This eliminates the need for hand contact and is a more hygienic way of handling the box.


FDA Group Group IV (Ionic, high water content)
Dk value *1 30
Dk/L value *2 42.9
Power +5.00D to -8.00 D(0.25 D steps)
Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) Low (Low Depth of Focus)
Middle (Middle Depth of Focus)
High (High Depth of Focus)
Water content 58%
Base curve 8.40mm
Package 32 lenses in one box
Center thickness *3 0.07mm
Diameter 14.2mm
Lens color Blue
*1 ×10-11(cm2/sec)・(mLO2/(mL×mmHg))
*2 ×10-9(cm/sec)・(mLO2/(mL×mmHg))(for -3.00 D)
*3 -3.00 D lens

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